About Me

I’m in the East Kingdom, Barony of Carolingia.  Also part of Equus Celox, and protege to Mistress Eleanor fitzPatrick. I’m an active equestrian, a thrower of axes, knives, and the occasional spear, and do random A&S things as they interest me. Lately, this has mostly been embroidery, weaving, and hand finishing garb, and trying to use up more fabric than I buy. The last hasn’t been going so well! 😉 I can’t stand finding instructions that say “for this project you will need a lefthanded smokeshifter and a snipe”, so anything that I’m using I try to link to exactly what I used, even though this isn’t usually a how to blog. To avoid being repetitive I’ll just say here that most of my weaving or embroidery materials come from Ursula’s Alcove and White Wolf and the Phoenix, and most of my linen comes from Carolina Calicoes at Pennsic or Fabrics-store.com.

My EK Wiki page is HERE

My heraldry is:


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