Dublin hood (Viking headwear)

This headwear is based on the Dublin hood, a migration era norse women’s head covering. The original was tabby woven silk with ties on the front corners. There is no conclusive evidence of dye being used. Mine is undyed linen with cotton ties, cause that’s what I had available. Construction, like the original, is a rectangle folded in half with a seam up the back. A line of additional stitching was added to both the original and mine to fit the back corner more closely to the head and create the little shark fin style point in the back. All edges were hemmed, and the strings were added to the front corners. Presumably they were ties so I made mine long enough to tie, but we have no evidence of how they were worn so I left them hanging when I modeled because I hate the feeling of things tied. I’m thinking of going back and doing the ties with something cooler… or maybe I’ll just make a new one from silk!

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