Viking apron dress – Dog

This dress was a gift for a friend.  I made an appliqued Viking dress with this dog, and gifted it when I first met her new puppy.  The base and applique fabrics are all linen, and the embroidery is done in cotton.  Details are stem stitch, applique is blanket stitch, and seam finishing is long arm cross stitch.  For this one I did smaller stitches for the seam finishing which I think looked a little neater and hopefully are less likely to catch and pull.  I didn’t do any of the smaller stitches tacking them down though, so overall seam finishing time is probably about the same as what I’ve done before.  Hopefully I’ll get a photo of the dress on the human to add, but for now, but here’s a good one of the full dog completed and detail of the ears in progress, plus the whole dress laid out over a chair and in need of ironing!  I really need to plan ahead better for the projects I give away.



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