Wool/silk trim

This tablet woven trim is the first time working with zephyr, a 50% merino wool/50% chinese tussah silk blend.  I previously tried to warp 100% wool a few years back and found it impossibly frustrating, so this was the recommended compromise.  It definitely had a wool feel, and the annoying tendency to felt itself together and make me hate my life any time I had to undo an error just like wool, but it didn’t snap any warp threads, which was what drove me crazy with the pure wool. (It doesn’t help that my idea of how to get even tension is make everything as tight as possible, then you’re not going for a certain feel!)  I gifted this one to a friend who liked the colors, because let’s face it I’m weaving more in isolation then I’ll ever need for myself, can’t wait to see what they use it for.


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