Padded work – Athena’s thimble

This is my final category of Athena’s Thimble, the embroidery guild of the East.  I wish I could panel it (where everyone looks at it and oohs and aahs and they say if you get your bead for completing the category), but sadly this and category 11/12 (lacis) were both finished shortly before the great plague cancelled all events, so I must wait.  This is trapunto, base fabric stuffed in a pattern to make a raised quilted type design rather than using different colors of fabric.  This piece is constructed of 2 layers of linen, backstitched together in a pretty design I thought would look good padded, and using cotton floss in a contrasting color.  The same color would also have been appropriate but I just liked this way better.  The stuffing is hair from a Chow, who did not appreciate any of the brushing that led me to me having enough stuffing, but as she really should have been brushed enough for 3 or 4 of these pieces she should consider herself lucky!  Since the linen was a relatively flexible weave, I wiggled a hole in the back layer with an awl rather than cutting and sewing it closed again, poked all the stuffing in as evenly as I could get it, then wiggled the hole back closed.  Repeat for each section in need of padding.  While this made the back a bit neater than if I had needed to cut openings, it was still not possible make the holes invisible since fur kept trying to stick out, so I added another layer of the same fabric for the backing, as was recommended by the instructions for this technique.

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