Lacis – Athena’s thimble

Next to last category of Athena’s Thimble Embroidery guild is done!  This project came from a kit for “net darning” on ebay which as far as I can tell is the 1980s version of the period craft, much like we have mundane cross stitch kits available now that use the same basic technique of stitching as in period.  In period the nets were a lot smaller, and there’s multiple stitch options though as far as I can tell they stay consistent throughout the piece.  This one was worked in straight rows, doubling back on itself when you hit a gap to finish filling in parts of the net before moving to a new row.  You can see there’s a bit of contrast depending on which way the stitches run.  The tree is all horizontal except the base, while the snowflake basically has a + of horizontal and an X of vertical.  There’s a different style that seems to work up more evenly but makes less sense to my brain starting out.  The hardest part of this was finding the net, I would recommend grabbing a kit like this to try it out even if you then change up the pattern to something more period, as the sources for plain net are few and far between and if you like this technique you’ll probably end up just making your own.  Honestly I really liked this, it was far easier than I expected, and if I didn’t have to make the net or buy handmade net for a fortune I would probably do more of it, but for now I think I’ll stick to other things!


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