Pilgrim bag

Pilgrim bags are basically the medieval messenger bag.  I had several, but I wanted one that I could put all my bling on that would work for a variety of things.  So this one is a bit larger and sturdier than most of my others.  It’s black cotton canvas, with the applique disc being cotton on wool.  I was aiming for something that would be at least slightly water resistant without feeling plasticy.  The strap of this bag now contains all of my award medallions and a BLM pin on one side, and on the other my QHD award from Kiena, my thrown weapons and archery rankings, and my pronouns.  On the bag itself is my Athena’s Thimble bead hanging pin at the top, which shows all the categories I have paneled for competency in.  The bottom corners have a thank you token from my baron and baroness, the left from our previous set, Colin and Nicolette, and the right from the current ones, Thomas and Raziya.  Inside, not shown, is a button and loop closure in the center to keep things looking neat, and another lucet cord loop at the end to clip the carabiner on my keys and wallet to, as there’s nothing worse than losing your wallet under everything you need at Pennsic for the day!  I think I’m going to switch the pronoun and BLM pins, because I generally carry the bag on my right and have realized after 1 event that all those pointy bits catch on things and stab me when I put my hand there, which is apparently quite often!

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