Silver mantles

At some point in court there wasn’t a silver mantle medallion to be given from the order to a new member.  For those that don’t know, this is the first level award for martial things not covered by other orders.  Of the activities I do, both equestrian and thrown weapons fall under this category.  So now I’m planning to have a couple spares in case a friend ever gets one and there isn’t already a plan.  I used a few wood discs cut from a branch and made the design with a wood burning tool, then painted it with acrylics followed by sealer.  (Am I really the only one who calls these tree cookies at any size? Nobody else seems to associate that term with this item, but growing up in PA I feel like all the kids would have understood me.)  Here’s one example, though I realized I previously also did a silver crescent (mid level service award) and a gawain (children’s martial award) that I failed to get photos of at the time.


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