Another round of “oops what did I do”

Hey look, I mostly failed at updating this thing for ages!  What did I do?  Good question!  Wish I knew!  Did I remember to take photos?  Of course not!  (Well actually I can go back and do a few, and did.)  But some highlights:

Repaired a heck of a lot of Carolingian Gold Key.  Carolingians are very generous and fancy.  It just keeps coming.  Finally I had to say no more exclusively female presenting garb.  We are up to 12 large rubbermaid tubs and I think 7 or 8 are women’s, much of which is size specific. I have an Outback and I still can’t fit all of it in to go to events!  Usually if new people plan in advance I have them come over so I can pull the most likely options ahead of time, and then they can look all fancy if they want.  But between Otter’s Welcome and Falling Leaves we have outfitted 15-20 people per event… so lots of little things that’s just easier to hand fix but isn’t worth taking photos of for a craft blog.  But trust me I’m an expert fixer of holes and hems at this point! 😉

I also sucked in a few newcomers I know personally, helped them make garb, made more garb so they would have enough hot weather stuff for Pennsic… did I take pics?  Of course not!  Can I just pull that stuff out now to update, nope!

I became a thrown weapons marshal and leveled up my ranking, but the only crafting there is that I glitter painted my axes and knives so they would be recognizable as mine.  I’ve thrown them a lot since then and they need a new coat.  I’ve been putting it off cause the glitter rubs off more when fresh!  Still, have a photo of the beat up ones just so this post has a photo!


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