Tokens of awesomeness

Here’s a small sample of tokens I made to give out just because.  They are based off of beads found like this on some Viking treasure necklaces, to make a pendant type thing that stands out more from the rest of the string.  I called them tokens of awesomeness because the usual way I gave them out is saying “I think what you’re doing/wearing is awesome, can I give you one of my tokens of awesomeness?”.  I had the most fun with this at midnight madness at Pennsic, as I gave them to anyone with garb that wowed me and found out a number of those people it was the first fancy thing they had made and they had really gone all out!  As I hate trying to actually shop at midnight madness unless there is a specific thing I want that I scoped out in advance, it gave me a purpose to being there hanging out with friends and not just feeling squished into a herd of people waiting until everyone decided it was time for ice cream.  I think for the future in that context I might also bring safety pins, as there were some people who wanted to proudly wear it right away and had no means of doing so.

Idea for this style of token came from Ástríðr Sægeirsdottir, who made similar as site tokens for A Market Day at Birka 29, the biggest winter event in the East Kingdom.  You can see her documentation on her wiki page.


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