Canvaswork sewing case – in progress

I’m slowly working my way through the categories of Athena’s Thimble, and next up is canvaswork.  This piece is entirely tent stitch on evenweave “linen” (called linen but the fine print says cotton, similar to this) with wool thread.  The design is period so far as I can tell, the one below it was specifically listed as a period design of tent stitch in wool but the one I picked had less detail in the description.  The colors are fairly accurate to the original, though the background color was not specified and I changed the berries from red to blue because the red looked bad with the background color and I really liked that rust background with the rest of it.  The original charted design (shown below) would have made something too small for what I wanted, so I basically turned each grid square into 4, then adjusted things slightly so it didn’t end up looking too pixellated.


I call this project a sewing case because I don’t have any specific use for some of these embroidery pieces and I don’t want to just stick them in a frame or put them in a drawer, so I’m aiming for small useful items.  I have a perfectly functional needle holder, but my scissors are always floating around hopefully not stabbing me.  My goal for the finished project is something capable of holding pins, needles, and scissors for easy transportation to events and craft nights.  All other design details still to come though.


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