Viking bead necklace

This one was a project for a documentation required East Kingdom Largess Swap, for a gentle with a Viking persona who had heraldic colors of blue and white, and also loves Tir Mara, which conveniently has the same colors.  This was my first major glass bead project.  To simplify things I stuck with mostly blue and white, with a little black to accent, but did use a variety of glass.  The melon beads (with the ridges) were mostly devardi glass, which is a pain to work with if you don’t have a rod warmer.  I like toys, so I got one that also is meant to be an annealer, so that was an added plus.  This glass was still by far the easiest to use for the melon beads, as all you need to do is make a roundish bead and then make the ridges.  I found a straight edge steak knife to be the most convenient tool for me to use for this.  The beads with dots and lines I used a glass that worked much better that I got from Erlan at Artisan’s village.  I think that it would have been less ideal for the melon beads as it is much more willing to sag or get out of shape if you stop spinning it.  I cleaned out the centers of the completed beads and smoothed the edges with the little bead reamer files you can see in the pic with the finished necklace design.  This is the first time I’ve used a design board and it was definitely helpful when I was trying to pair up matching beads.  Yes, I know Vikings didn’t care about symmetry and matching but my modern brain still does, and it was good practice to specifically try for similar beads instead of just taking whatever seemed to work in the moment.  The beads were then strung on silk with metal rings on the ends to easily slide on brooches.  I like to use tiny keychain type rings so I never worry about the thread fitting through a gap in a regular jump ring.  Unfortunately like all projects I forgot to take a picture of the actual finished project so the planned design on the tray is as close as you get!  All the extra beads that I didn’t end up using in the actual necklace were donated to Kenric III and Avelina III to use as largess for newcomers or however they saw fit.

Completed set on the board, plus some spare melon beads in the tray:

IMG_6700The extra largess beads:


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