More tablet weaving!

These are all done with crochet cotton, and I haven’t been getting them posted as I go so I’ll condense here for convenience.  I generally use size 10 as it is most widely available in fun colors.  This natural color of the most common brand should get your hunt started.  As with all craft supplies I have acquired more than I will likely ever use because 1) it was on sale! and 2) it’s cheap and I don’t want to run to the store when I have an idea, I’ll use it all at some point!  The black/purple/orange is straps for a Viking dress with a Figment (the Disney dragon) theme.  Green/black/white became garters for a gift, and I liked that pattern so much I did a red/black/white for garters for myself.  There’s a teal/black that has no purpose as of yet, I just thought it looked pretty.  And a yellow/black that was my first experiment with something significantly wider, which became a belt for me.


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