Embroidered raven pouch

This pouch was a gift for Nobelese Largesse Swap round 2.  This interkingdom swap gives each participant a $25 materials limit and details about the person you will be making a gift for (different than the person who will be making a gift for you).  The person getting this has a raven on their device, and colors of red, gold, and black.

All the fabric is wool that I had left over from other projects.  The gold for the embroidery is wool, and it’s the first time I have worked with a really nice wool thread.  Definitely makes me wish I had this stuff earlier, but fortunately I got tons at Pennsic so should be good for awhile!  I did my best to make sure there was no visible machine stitching on the bag, though I did sew the bag together by machine.  Since the swap had a deadline I wanted to make sure all the critical parts were done in time and then I could hem and attach straps by hand if there was time (which there was).

The gift I received from the swap was an antler needle case with a period metal needle, which I tested out when sewing the straps to the bag.  It worked well, and had the wonderful benefit of not drawing blood any time I accidentally stabbed myself.  The only difference I noticed in how it came out was that the stitches look a tiny bit darker on the red when done with the period needle, I think because it is pulling some very fine fuzz from the black through to the red side.  I’m assuming this is because it is less smooth than a modern needle, though it didn’t really make a difference if I wasn’t trying to analyze it.

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