Tablet weaving

Update 9/7/11: It’s done!!!

That last half inch took me a week or so to get back to, but it’s finally complete after almost a year!  My loom looks so empty now.  Unfortunately this was my go to project for when I needed something for craft night or to do at an event, so I should pick a new pattern and set it up again ASAP.  I think I put about twice as much string as I needed on my shuttle, so I should probably cut that down a little next time.  Final finished length: 2 yards, 6 inches.  Width and pattern were pretty consistent, I will have no problem using this for trim or something else visible.


I learned this at Pennsic 39 and completed a thin purple and white band about 1 yard long that I have yet to find a use for.  Currently I am working on a purple and black band about 1/2″ wide to be used for trim, using 12 cards.  The design is taken from A Tablet Weaver’s Pattern Book.  The weaving is being done with cotton crochet thread.

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