Viking pride!

I have too many beads, as I was able to make this completely from my stash except for the hangers. Pride viking beads, plus a black lives matter holder for this metal needle case I was given as a gift ages ago and hadn’t found the perfect thing to do with it til now. Every center bead, plus a few of the random ones, I made myself.

Dagged 14th century hood

Ok so first let me say that this is a good example of how not to document your work! The hood itself is wool outside and linen lining, and I sewed it OBSESSIVELY to get the dags even. They still aren’t even. But it came out way better than I thought. And I documented exactly zero of the process cause I assumed this was something I would either rip out and retry 10 times, or give up on and turn it into a straight bottom seam. Now one could reasonably argue that I sewed like a snail and I could have probably tried at a reasonable speed and ripped it out 10 times and still been done faster, but hey, that’s not how I roll. But having come out with a finished product that didn’t make me cry, of course it needed embroidery! I have always loved one of Racaire’s hoods since it went up on the blog, but I didn’t want to copy that exact pattern. Still, I wanted something that was a reasonable approximation of an illumination like that. So I found the following options:

What Racaire used (the person on the right with back facing us):

Guillaume de Machaut’s Oeuvre poetique, 1355-60, Paris

Looks to me like those straight and pointy lines could have potential… here’s another:

Romance of Alexander, 1338-44

Oooh the guy with the yellow hood seems cool, let’s try that!

Here’s the finished product. Embroidery is chain stitch in wool. I kinda wish I had committed before I put the layers together so the lining hid the back, but I had more faith in my embroidery than my dags! I think if I were to do it again (which seems unlikely) I would go with a smaller number of wider dags, since I thought these not having sharp curves would make it easier but actually the little bits of flat between were the bane of my existence getting it to lay right after the fact, and same with the bumps going out on each dag desperately trying to sneak themselves back in. I’m kinda surprised I made it through the ironing without burning it or me!

Horse/unicorn trim

This has no purpose yet, but I was bored and wanted a new craft (as opposed to the 20 in progress) so I made some sleeve trim for a future tunic. I was going to fill it in originally, because I have a lot of things that are outlines and not filled, and I wanted to show I have the patience and skill to fill things. Then I started to and remembered that’s cause just aesthetically I like outlines better. So I ripped out the fill, but for variety you get multiple colors.

Definitely not a rapidash
Definitely not a ponyta
Just a bunch of horse type things that happen to be fire colors. I would definitely never do anything so silly as to make pokemon themed trim.

A kid merchanting at Pennsic about 5 years ago when Pokemon Go came out made these designs as coloring book pages. I can’t find the contact info and would not want to post something from a minor without permission, but if they are now an adult or have a business page and would like to be more specifically credited I would love to be able to do so!

Naalbinding socks

So throughout the last year I have tried knitting (ugh) crochet (also ugh, but I’m pushing onwards) and naalbinding (fun!). This is the easiest and the one I’m most likely to stick with. It’s also the only one so far worthy of a blog post. Since this was literally my first naalbinding ever I used a pretty thick yarn, which is convenient for socks because I’m always cold at events so most of my boots are meant for at least one layer of wool socks. In period apparently the yarn would be thinner and I have some already for my next project. This is Cloudborn Fibers Highland Roving, which describes itself as super bulky.

Step 1: Started fine, then oops I made a volcano… redo!
Step 3: successfully made a tube that still goes over my heel at the point it’s time to start the heel! (Step 2 is missing, we’ll get back to that)
Step 4: The heel becomes a heel instead of a hole
Step 5: The toe becomes toe shaped
Step 6: IT’S A SOCK!!!!!

So about that step 2… Well I was told the stitches should be small and make sure I don’t make it too loose (this is how I first got the volcano… which is hard to tell is a volcano from the pic I posted but is very obvious when I stand it on end… as I got better I could make it tighter). Well I succeeded with smaller stitches and making them even… but I made them so there wasn’t enough give to the first tube. So I could just barely wedge it over my heel but then it was super loose cause it didn’t stretch at all it was just big. It took me awhile to realize this, so I decided to start over but save the too tight one, and if I got a second too tight one just roll with it. Well the second one fortunately ended up better, so here’s the comparison of the good sock vs the too tight tube

And then, 2 socks!

Dublin hood (Viking headwear)

This headwear is based on the Dublin hood, a migration era norse women’s head covering. The original was tabby woven silk with ties on the front corners. There is no conclusive evidence of dye being used. Mine is undyed linen with cotton ties, cause that’s what I had available. Construction, like the original, is a rectangle folded in half with a seam up the back. A line of additional stitching was added to both the original and mine to fit the back corner more closely to the head and create the little shark fin style point in the back. All edges were hemmed, and the strings were added to the front corners. Presumably they were ties so I made mine long enough to tie, but we have no evidence of how they were worn so I left them hanging when I modeled because I hate the feeling of things tied. I’m thinking of going back and doing the ties with something cooler… or maybe I’ll just make a new one from silk!

Rainbow trim round 2

Just finished this one that’s a reverse and improvement on the silk one.  This is back to cotton, as it’s likely going to a kid where the recommendation was “anything bright colors”.  This time I made purple the outside, cause I like it more than red so I wanted it to show more.  I also expanded the center section of the pattern so instead of a tiny dot there is now a decent amount of the center color.  I like the changes, may have to make another version of this one for me.  This is going to be my last of the easy version though.  Up til now every pattern has been turning all cards together, but for my next trick, I will brave the feats of turning things differently… yikes!


Viking bling

The appliqued dog dress is going to be the very first Viking dress that friend owns.  So of course that means she will also need the appropriate beads!  She picked some dark gray round stones, and I was otherwise allowed to accent with whatever I wanted.  Since I don’t know what color she will choose for the under layer, and there’s some pretty bright and varied colors in the dress itself, I stuck with the black/white/gray theme so they will match anything!  This is about 19″ long and meant to hang off turtle broaches, I just made it into a circle for photo taking convenience.vikingbeads

Viking apron dress – Dog

This dress was a gift for a friend.  I made an appliqued Viking dress with this dog, and gifted it when I first met her new puppy.  The base and applique fabrics are all linen, and the embroidery is done in cotton.  Details are stem stitch, applique is blanket stitch, and seam finishing is long arm cross stitch.  For this one I did smaller stitches for the seam finishing which I think looked a little neater and hopefully are less likely to catch and pull.  I didn’t do any of the smaller stitches tacking them down though, so overall seam finishing time is probably about the same as what I’ve done before.  Hopefully I’ll get a photo of the dress on the human to add, but for now, but here’s a good one of the full dog completed and detail of the ears in progress, plus the whole dress laid out over a chair and in need of ironing!  I really need to plan ahead better for the projects I give away.