This isn’t a craft at all…

But I’m super excited I am now officially a Novice Thrower!  Which means I have scored 3 royal rounds of thrown weapons (axes, knives, spears, long and short distances, for those who haven’t yet discovered this fun).  I got this cool little leather medallion for it, which I didn’t think to get a close up of, but I’m super proud to be showing off in this picture from GNE last weekend 🙂

File_000 (1)

Also hey, there’s a better picture of the bliaut from like a million crafts ago, which I never did post a better picture of.  I still want to make some tweaks!  But look, this post now is actually craft related! 😉



With a few other members of Canton of the Towers (in spirit if not the details of geography), we made lances for the Equestrian champions to carry into court.  The base wood is poplar, handcrafted to shape by Clockwork.  The shaft is basically a large wooden dowel, connected by a creation of Peter the Red and also painted by him.  I did the yellow striping and carefully crafted (aka purchased) the rubber tips.  Fancy metal tips coming soon from Donato Favro.

File_000 (2)

Next step Duncan Kerr will be refining them to make them even spiffier (and hopefully a little lighter)!  The banners in the photos are our championship “scrolls”, those will also be replaced by generic champion banners to be passed on to future champions.

Viking apron dress: bunny

This dress is a gift for a friend. Base fabric is wool, seam finishing and embroidery is mostly wool.  The magenta embroidery is linen because it was the perfect color to match the underdress.  The applique is 2 colors of linen.  Seam finishing is done with long arm cross stitch and applique is blanket stitch.  The straps are strips of the same wool fabric folded so the edges are inside and finished with blanket stitch.

Here’s a photo of the start of attaching the bunny, with a bit of seam finishing visible.


And the finished dress modeled by the recipient:




I just started learning to weave!  Here’s the test piece,  The yellow and pink are threaded differently to make different patterns.  The loom is a 4 harness.  For those that have no concept of what that is, here is a similar but nicer one.  Of course as an Amazon link, cause I don’t just educate I facilitate more projects!  Coming soon, a more even and possibly useful test piece! 🙂



Newcomer night!

So Isabelle and I started hosting Newcomer nights, and the first one had a theme of basic garb.  This wasn’t really my project, it was us facilitating Elian‘s project.  She made a whole tunic in one night!  It was her second piece of garb, the first being a hood with just a front and back seam and hems.  She machine sewed it all, including the square underarm gussets that I consider the most intimidating part of the process.  Go Elian!



Canvaswork sewing case – in progress

I’m slowly working my way through the categories of Athena’s Thimble, and next up is canvaswork.  This piece is entirely tent stitch on evenweave “linen” (called linen but the fine print says cotton, similar to this) with wool thread.  The design is period so far as I can tell, the one below it was specifically listed as a period design of tent stitch in wool but the one I picked had less detail in the description.  The colors are fairly accurate to the original, though the background color was not specified and I changed the berries from red to blue because the red looked bad with the background color and I really liked that rust background with the rest of it.  The original charted design (shown below) would have made something too small for what I wanted, so I basically turned each grid square into 4, then adjusted things slightly so it didn’t end up looking too pixellated.


I call this project a sewing case because I don’t have any specific use for some of these embroidery pieces and I don’t want to just stick them in a frame or put them in a drawer, so I’m aiming for small useful items.  I have a perfectly functional needle holder, but my scissors are always floating around hopefully not stabbing me.  My goal for the finished project is something capable of holding pins, needles, and scissors for easy transportation to events and craft nights.  All other design details still to come though.



Viking hat

This hat was a barter swap for a wood phone case.  Outer fabric is wool and lining is linen.  Trim is tablet woven cotton made by me.  This is the first clothing item I have made that is entirely hand sewn!  As an added bonus, everything was scraps leftover from other projects, and yet it was still the perfect materials for the colors and styles the recipient likes.